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All items must be clean, blemish-free, and in working order to be considered for consignment. Women's clothing must be purchased new within the last few years of better brand labels, still in good condition, and in season to be considered for consignment. They must be cleaned, pressed, and on hangers. You will recieve your hangers back upon request. Call to verify appropriate season for your appointment.

Items will be selected, listed and priced at your appointment. You will receive a written copy of agreement. A "pull-date" is assigned. If an item has not sold, you are free to come in and take it back, BUT you must locate your own item(s). Otherwise it can/will eventually be donated as we make room for new incoming merchandise.

You will receive 50% for all Ladies Clothing sold items. You will receive 40% for all Decorating items and or Household items sold. Checks for goods sold are written every two months only; beginning of January, March, May, July, September, and November. They may be picked up during store hours. Customers leaving a self-addressed stamped envelopes will have their checks mailed to them. 

All checks must be pick-up with-in six months from issue.

It is the consignor's responsibility to remember the contract end date to reclaim any unsold merchandise, if desired, and to pick monies due, in a timely manner (within six months of check printing). Classic Consignment does not contact the consignor for follow-up.

When your item(s) sells and you are shopping in the store, you may use your credit at any time prior to the check being printed on any purchase you may make in the store. Just ask at the check-out counter for your credit balance.

All consignments are at the owners risk. Classic Consignment is not responsible for any loss or damage to merchandise due to fire, water, vandalism, theft or negligent handling by customers.

Consignment is a wonderful way to recycle your lightly-loved quality ladies' clothing and household items - and make some real money at the same time. 

Let us sell those things you no longer need so others can have an opportunity to use and enjoy them just as you have. We feature quality ladies' clothing, accessories and jewelry; household furniture; antiques and unique items; household furnishings (including china, crystal, glassware, dishes, linens, pictures, paintings, mirrors, lamps, and small kitchen appliances). All items must be clean, blemish-free, and in working order to be considered for consignment.

MON-FRI 10:00am-7:00pm

SUN 11:00am-6:00pm​

SAT 10:00am-6:00pm​

Consignment of Decorating or Household items, and Ladies' Clothing are by appointment. We schedule appointments every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, starting at 10:30am throughout the day, including the last appointment of the day at 4:00pm. Appointments are 1/2 hour slots, for approximately 30 items. Hour appointments available upon request for repeat consigners only. You will receive 50% for all Ladies' Clothing sold items. You will receive 40% for all Decorating items and or Household items sold.

How To Consign


5514 24th Avenue NW
Seattle, WA 98107

Ph: (206) 781-7061


Consignment of furniture requires pre-approval; ideally by e-mailing photos to Frank's attention. He will advise you of the possibilities of consigning your furniture. Also, he will work with you on a time frame to get it in the shop. You are responsible to deliver your furniture, in good condition, free of blemishes, smells or stains. When it arrives he will price the item(s). Furniture items stay on the floor in contract for 8 weeks. You will recieve 50% of the sale price on all furniture items. After 8 weeks if your item(s) did not sell you have the option to come and pick-up the item(s), or Frank will periodically lower the price to help advance the sale.